South Karelian Children’s Culture Center Metku is a children’s culture network that includes all municipalities in South Karelia. Municipalities are responsible for their services independently and update the related information on their own websites. You can find the contact details of the municipalities in the Contact Information section of our page. Go to the Contacts page here.

• Metku promotes the opportunities and rights of children and young people to art and culture 

• Metku spreads and develops children’s culture in the region of South Karelia 

• Metku is responsible for an educational program called Kulttuuripolku in municipalities 

• Metku’s main services are the Metkat Children’s Culture Weeks, the Metkuila Choir, teacher networks in kindergartens and schools, and public work with art institutions such as museums and cultural centers 

• Our goal is for every child or young person in South Karelia to have an artistic or cultural experience once a year 

• The city of Lappeenranta is a member of the Finnish Association of Children’s Cultural Centers 

• The activities are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the municipalities

Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 31:

• Every child has the right to rest and leisure, to play and to perform activities appropriate to his or her age, and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts. 

States should encourage the provision of appropriate and equal opportunities for culture, the arts, recreation and leisure.

• The Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers and its partners bring children and young people close to art and culture, such as schools, day care and clubs. A well-functioning network also supports producers of children’s culture. Go here to the website of the children’s culture network.

About privacy: 

South Karelia Children’s Cultural Center Metku maintains a list of its partners. The list consists of contacts, most of which are email addresses. If you want to check or delete your information, please contact Metku by e-mail:


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