On this page we have listed various cultural activities in the region of South Karelia. The list consists of links to third party sites.Also check out Hobby at Home. Harrastakotona.fi is a website aimed at children and young people, where you can find instructions and ideas for experiencing and pursuing art at home. 




In the Visual Arts section, in addition to traditional visual arts, there are also links related to photography and handicrafts..


Performing arts brings together all enthusiasts of the performing arts, dance, circus and music.


OIn the Society section you will find links to the pages of libraries, colleges, museums and associations.




Other actors are Miscellaneous cultural actors in the South Karelia region. The section also features Russian-speaking actors.

Visual arts


In addition to the actors below, youth clubs as well as various civic and labor colleges also offer diverse opportunities in the field of visual arts. 


Visual arts and photography


Lappeenrannan Kuvataidekoulu

Saimaan kameraseura

Savitaipaleen lasten ja nuorten kuvataidekoulu

Taiteen perusopetus Luumäellä



Crafts and handicrafts


SaimaanVirta ry

Taito Etel√§-Suomi ‚Äď Lasten k√§sity√∂- ja muotoilukoulu