Cultural shower 

In 2019–2021, a cultural shower is an introduction to an art institution, such as a theater or city orchestra, arranged for one or more age groups. The Culture Shower is part of the Culture Trail, and in addition to the completed schedule, transportation and entrance tickets, the visits include pre- and post-work tasks.

Check out the Culture Shower on Metku’s PedaNet website.

Methodological guides 

In the children’s culture network, several art education methods have emerged from different fields of art. Some of them have been processed into written methodological guides. With the help of the method guide, an art educator, teacher or instructor can implement a new kind of workshop or art moment with children or young people.

Find method guides on the Children’s Culture Network’s website.


Together with graphic artist Heli Pukki, Metku has produced a wooden booklet called Willipassi, which allows children to get to know Lappeenranta. The picture story in the wooden book transcends language boundaries and gives space to the child’s creativity.

Download the Willipass for yourself here.