Metkat children’s culture weeks provoke creativity in numerous workshops and increase the methods of art education in training

Metkat – weeks offer workshops and programs for children and also for adults that are working with children and youths.

Provincial METKAT children’s culture weeks are celebrated every year during weeks 46 and 47 in connection with the children’s rights day. Join us!

Metkat children’s culture weeks offer a varied and high quality programs for all those interested in children’s cultural supply in the whole South Karelia region. Produced in cooperation with the South Karelian municipalities, associations, artists and others that work with children’s culture the  children’s cultural activities are for all of the province’s day care age children, school children, younths and families.

Children’s culture weeks will raise into account the local factors and  people who work with children and youths. The weeks offer a number of interesting trainings and workshops around the province.

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